This Robot Vacuum has a large tempered glass on top. Interesting
classic looks and also for user cleans the robot easily. It just has a
one button, even untrained user and elderly could simple to use it.
Press a button and the robot starts to work, a smart navigation makes
it cleaning the floor and each room. And return to charging base after
complete cleaning all area. Then works again automatically in next
day by schedule planning.
Ultra-thin and slim size makes this Robot could enter to clean the
underneath of sofa and furniture. Two side spinning brushes and
one main rubber brush with an enough sweeping and suction power
to pick up dust and hairs. Two hours working time by lithium battery
let it cleans large area by a single charge. A pair of powerful wheels
well running on hard floor, carpeted floor and climb over 15mm
thresholds. The sensor protects the robot by sensing drop-offs and
preventing tumbling over the stairs, and sense obstacles to avoid.
Below 60 db noise as quiet as no disturb the watching TV and even
children study at home.

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