WOW!dea P1 Ultra-Thin USB Travel Power Strip is a safe, practical, ultra-thin and portable innovative product designed based on Chinese standards. A pop-up design makes it only 17.5mm thick when folded, over 30% less than conventional products. It features enhanced safety thanks to child-resistant and dust-proof shutters, separated high and low voltage, and the highly conductive phosphor copper and fire-retardant material.
The pop-out design also improves safety. When retracted, a socket remains disconnected even if WOW!dea P1 is connected to power supply and the child-resistant and dust-proof shutter will stay locked. When popped out, the socket will be open to power supply and a user must open the shutter before putting a plug in. This also increases safety and child protection.
The USB interfaces can be used to charge most mobile devices like smart phones and tablets, and users can plug USB devices in without any other step.
Its ultra-thin and portable features make it more suitable for use during journeys. A dedicated cable holder allows utmost thinness and best portability, making your journeys easier and more enjoyable.

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