The concept of WE GO was born while studying improvements for model GO UP.. After a deep study of the inconvenient and troubles that final users find when shopping without a trolley, the concept just came to us.

Our idea goes further than using the product just as a shopping trolley. In terms of use, we improved the capacity and the shape of the bag; we made it easier to load and unload by enhancing and lifting the bag. Until now, we just had a shopping trolley, but from now on, we will also have a rolling bag to carry any item we can imagine (under 30 Kg). Some people may think… Why should I have a trolley just for shopping? We got it, with this new concept we wanted to answer this question from the very beginning.. We increased the range of options to fulfill any need our consumers might have.

We completely changed the aim of a shopping trolley offering a wide range of usages without sacrificing neither the quality (main Playmarket’s characteristic), nor its folding, nor its stylish design that makes it completely different to other shopping trolleys.

What we want with WE GO is to awake its consumers imagination to use it anywhere and in any way they can imagine.

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