Mountable laundry collector, mobile
The practical laundry collector is fixed to the wall to save space by means of adhesive pads, no drilling required. The pads hold strongly on all smoth surfaces such as tiles and can be removed without leaving residues. Using the handles on the sides, it can be quickly and comfortably detached from the holder and used as a laundry basket. Optional mounting with the enclosed screws also possible. Reinforcement elements and surfaces ensure that the collector stays in shape, and a magnet integrated in the lid always keeps it closed. The zips in the sides enable easy removal of the laundry without putting a strain on your back.
The material is a mixture of high-quality polyester outside and air-permeable PP fibre material inside. It offers a capacity of approx. 30 litres. Due to its clear shape and 4 avialable colours blue, cream, brown and petrol this mountable laundry collector fits easily into any ambiance.

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