topsnap: a revolution amongst mouse traps: simple in looks, but powerful in handling and efficiency.

The topsnap-mousetrap offers the user an efficient, safe and easy-to-use solution. Thanks to its sophisticated mechanism and functional design, the high-quality trap made out of stainless steel and solid plastic, is highly suited for the targeted and clean control of mice in all indoor-areas. Two independent trapping mechanisms enclosed in the trap-body catch mice from both directions, permitting double trapping success.

Activating the topsnap-trap is fast, easy and safe and is done from the outside in one single movement, with little effort and without the need to set a tricky trapping mechanism. For the safety of users, children and domestic animals, both trapping mechanisms are integrated in a robust and durable casing. Due to its unobtrusive, curved design, the trap looks appealing and fits the hand nicely. Despite its harmless appearance, topsnap is exceptionally effective: its tunnel-like body awakens the natural curiosity of mice and therefore guarantees excellent trapping results.

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