Secure. Practical. Elegant.

The Strongcase is an elegant table top safe to store valuable watches or jewelry in a secure and easily accessible way. Due to its compact size and refined form, it is the perfect combination of safety and convenience.

Measuring merely 28cm in length, it fits perfectly wherever needed, whether it be on the office sideboard or desk, the nightstand, dresser or even in the bathroom.

The felt pad protected base not only allows for proper footing, but also protects delicate surfaces and furniture from being damaged.

Solid aluminum casing and a 3-bolt lock with 7 tumblers prohibit unwanted access, while the optional fixture prevents the Strongcase from being moved.

Conception, production, assembly and quality management according to German standards: Handmade in Berlin.

A diverse range of materials and varnishes – including e.g. walnut and oak – offer customization according to individual preference.

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