Smart Home Suits of EI consists of 8 products, including gateway, mini gate, smoke detector, combustible gas detector, emergency alarm button, water logging detector, single gate magnetism switch and infrared detector, with which urgent real-time alarm of fire, gas leakage, emergency situation, water logging and unusual action of doors and windows can be triggered.
With gateway and mini gateway as its core sections, after being connected to devices for different situations, the smart home suit can transmit real-time signals over long distance between devices steadily and safely. The effective hazard prevention creates a safe smart home intelligent Internet of Things.
Every parts of the suit have been optimized on interactive experience, operation method and installation maintenance. Gateway is also a smart table lamp which can be touched to adjust brightness, switch on and off screen display and alarm. The rotary plug of mini gateway suits different sockets. Single gate magnetism switch is designed for easy battery replacement. These upgrades enable the suit to become a user-friendly home smart terminal with easy installation and operation, opening a door to smart life.

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