Smappee has developed groundbreaking, patent-pending NI(A)LM (Non-Intrusive Appliance Load Monitoring) technology. A sensor is attached to the main power cable and records the flow of energy. The various appliances are identified by their energy signature or the electrical traces they leave behind. Via the “Appliance DNA”, consumers get insight into the behaviour (consumption, cost, time in use, etc..) of the identified appliances. In addition, Smappee measures the total household consumption, standby power consumption and the energy production of solar panels (if any). As such, Smappee is the only solution on the market that provides consumers with full insight into their electricity consumption, anytime, anywhere, leading to a more sustainable and energy efficient attitude. Smappee provides real-time feedback down to the appliance level, resulting in average savings of 12%. (See report E105 from ACEEE).
The Smappee solution consists of the Smappee monitor, the Smappee Cloud infrastructure and Apps for Android & iOS smartphones and tablets.

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