Toward a better greener world, our energy source eventually moves from primary energy to secondary one. Pylon Technologies creatively designed the phantom series product to fulfill the small to medium capacity energy storage system. With this product, our end users can follow energy trend with a most compact, slinky and expandable magic cube type element. Several highlights from the design perspectives include: Phantom-S with the highest energy and power density in industry, 2.4KWh fall into 19 inch 2U module design with 5KW power, helps end users save a lot of space at home. Modular design gives our clients the most flexibility to choose the right capacity. Phantom-S’ front panel is an artwork, which overturns the pedestrian image of “battery”. A surprisingly dreamlike overall effect shines like a diamond in your home. With the convertible design of handles, Phantom-S enriches the flexibility for both horizontal 19’ rack installation and vertical easy installation by our fastening pieces. Phantom-S with its embedded intelligence serves as the gateway to energy internet, all info could be uploaded with the “hidden” cables.

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