The P-08L is a countertop water filtration device that uses a cutting-edge filter to remove heavy metals, carcinogens, and bacteria to provide healthy water.
This device is for people who want quality at a low price and/or don’t need hot or cold water. Since it doesn’t use electricity, it doesn’t affect energy costs, and its slim design is a good use of space.
Ordinary water filtration devices are used in one or two-person households, and as the number of one-person households is increasing, the market for small, inexpensive, water filtration devices is also growing. The P-08L is a low-cost water filtration device to respond to this trend.
The front cover has a metal particulate resin, like paint, to reduce unit cost while increasing quality, and its teardrop pattern gives it a subdued beauty. We wanted go beyond push-lever dispensing to show off new usability and aesthetics, and the dial is a design highlight.
The P-08L was designed as slim as possible to fit in the kitchens of small households. This device is more comfortable to use since the development team reduced its floor area and made it higher instead, raising the dispenser.

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