Nasket is the latest new smart home scanner device integrated with a service appliance that make purchasing online products become more convenience. Nasket targeted through condominium residential area whose want to get access to to household selective and qualified services thru cutting edge technology. The appliance serves from online purchasing products, scanning bills for payments to house cleaning services. Also, the selling point of the nasket is user can re order products by scanning product’s bar code to the Nasket’s bar code reader. The product can be automatically order and send to the Nasket team to process the payment.

In product design perspective, Nasket integrate a compact 10” touch screen with a CCD scanner. The angle of the screen and scanner support human ergonomics usage. It can be mounted on the wall or placed on a table with base part allows user to comfortly touch the screen firmly. Furthermore, Nasket designed to support an emerging condominium developers as it can be customized by changing color of the metal strip and engrave the property’s name logo.

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