The laundrybag’s most eye-catching elements are its side walls.
Achieving the extensive pleating featured here is down to a combination of special cutting technique and sophisticated workmanship. The laundrybag’s firm upright stand is thanks to skilfully set seams and to the double-walled structure of the textile used. This sturdiness allows you to fill the laundrybag using both hands without it losing its form. By doing without the usual frame, the laundrybag boasts an innovative aesthetic that, as sales figures show, has proven highly appealing.
The two straps on the sides serve as additional colourful touches. By pulling the larger strap through the smaller one, you can close the laundrybag while at the same time creating a sturdy handle with which to carry it.
The laundrybag also features a folding base and can therefore be folded flat. It is available in two sizes and in a variety of colours.

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