The ambition of Gerard Adriaan Heineken, when he founded the company in 1864, was to improve the beer experience. Since that day Heineken has innovation in its DNA, and it made Heineken the leading international beer brand.
Heineken CoolFlow Technology draught focuses on the delivery of draught beer in the on-premise (horeca) bars. It’s designed to keep the beer cold until the last millimeters of the tap spout. It might look like a detail, but this unique Cooled Insulated Tap guarantees that not even the smallest part of the beer ever gets warm. And that’s why it delivers the most refreshing, crisp beer taste to the consumer.
The visible part of the Heineken CoolFlow Technology is the housing of the tap. The design looks ‘fluid’ to trigger associations with pouring beer, and functionally it is very easy to keep clean. It flawlessly matches the aesthetics of the iconic Heineken Fountain draught column, and is adaptable to other beer brand identities from the Heineken draught brand portfolio through interchangeable modular elements.
The high quality materials and cleverly integrated internal functionalities enables rapid installation, easy usage, and less maintenance.

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