GCL E-KwBe Energy-Storage System has high energy density, good compatibility and an advanced battery management system. It is light and quiet and easy to assemble. It is beautifully designed and has a long lifespan. It offers perfect user experience.
GCL E-KwBe Energy-Storage System applies the independent battery management system(BMS) to get secure and accurate control. The product uses uni-body aluminum backboard and passive cooling technology. It can be easily installed and can smartly detect series parallel connection. It can be connected to eight devices at maximum.
The rush hours for solar power generation system is during the off-peak power consumption hours. Thus lots of clean energy could only be sold at low prices. GCL E-KwBe Energy-Storage System offsets the gap between power generation and consumption time, making the clean power best used for families at lower costs.Uses high and longevous power electronic battery technology, whose energy density could reach to 125Wh/kg.
The product applies minimalism design with language of streamlines. Powerful contour lines are made by crossing organic surfaces, showing the professional and fashion feature of the product.

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