Icon of protection Dense population, in particular in megacities, can quickly turn a fire into a veritable inferno. In many countries it is therefore a legal requirement to have a fire extinguisher in the house. Often, these fire extinguishers however lead a shadow existence, relegated to corners or cellars, as they are not very attractive. With this in mind, the Firephant gives fire extinguishers a completely different look. Its design turns an everyday object into one that wants to be looked at. Its gently flowing lines are vaguely reminiscent of an elephant. A gently curving handle rises from its cylindrical body and is used to spray the extinguishing agent directly at the flames. The design language of the Firephant therefore renders its use self-explanatory and makes it quick to employ in emergencies. It is comfortable to hold and can be manipulated both with the left and right hand. In the case of fire, the user needs only release the safety clip, aim at the fire and shoot. Its design makes the Firephant an icon of protection. Its beguiling shape ensures that it is willingly installed in highly visible places.

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