A new, innovative way of drying: Dr. Beckmann Dryer Ball

Thanks to its stud & spiral technology, the Dryer Ball offers a unique solution for snuggle-soft, feel-good laundry.
The specially rounded studs soften fabrics and reduce creasing, preparing the laundry perfectly for ironing. Cutting-edge technology enables the Dryer Ball to lift and separate the individual pieces of laundry, which ultimately reduces drying time and saves energy.
Luxurious Dr. Beckmann Laundry Perfumes, which can be easily filled into the Dryer Ball, treat the fabrics to longlasting, fresh fragrances.

The design complies with the “form follows function (FFF)” principle.
Every aspect of the design refers to one of the product’s benefits:
Unique stud & spiral technology provides faster, more effective drying thanks to laundry “lifting and separation”.
Specially rounded studs ensure gentler, smoother laundry care for softer fabrics.
Omnidirectional designed ventilation holes allow an evenly spread perfume misting.
The mesh sponge enables quick soaking of the liquid.

The product is a 1st-of-its-kind combination of the advantages of a traditional dryer ball with a longlasting scent experience.

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