This domestic mite predator is simple and easy to use.
In daily life, bedding, pillows, clothing and other articles for daily use are easy for mites and bacteria to breed. Besides, the rapid reproduction of mites causes great harm to the health of the family.
By high-speed vibration and beat, strong cyclone system, UV sterilization, heating and drying as well as other technologies, the mite predator ensures excellent anti-acne effects. At the same time, it adopts light display, allowing users to feel the effect of dust absorption.The sensor of dust and mite can detect the concentration of dust and display with light, informing the user whether it has been cleaned.
It vibrates and beats the bedding over large areas, with the frequency of 8000 times per minute to ensure that the dust and mites can be removed from the bedding .
The PTC thermostated heater at the bottom can maintain the heating temperature of 55° in that this temperature can kill mites and ensure that the fabric will not be destroyed.
There is a UV lamp at the bottom for better killing mites.

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