When people produce hot water whether if use or not, the heat spread to the surroundings. Specific heat capacity of water is 1, the biggest of all known nature material on earth.

1 cc water release 1 calorie when reduce 1 degree Celsius, assume water temperature is 30 degree Celsius in summer, and people use 40 degree Celsius of 70 liters water for shower, one time shower release 700 Kcal to the surroundings.
(40-30) degree Celsius * 70 liters* 1000 cc / 1000 = 700 Kcal

It is seriously influences to the environment, therefore how to improve water heaters for higher efficiency in energy consuming is the urgent priority matter for water heater industry. And, we are carrying out our duty for it …

Complex Water Heater merges advantages both store and instant types:
1. Based on Newton`s law of Cooling, stored-water in middle or room temperature keeps it from temperature rapidly drop.
2. Instant-heater automatically on, it raise up water temperature immediately use.

No conflict to have both:
1. Energy saving, no wastes at all.
2. Comfort hot water supply for 3 to 5 times more than traditional water heater.

We look forward to change the world together with the public.

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