Storage case series which maximizes storage space.
With adding characteristic functions with maintaining same external size for each, it creates an optimal storage system.
Even though previous product had individual functions for each size, many consumers were dissatisfied as it was not ideal for optimal storage.
Our new Carico solve the problem by having both individual functionality and unity of design.
Carico S: Standard model of the series, multipurpose storage case with front opening lid and casters, easy to take items in and out even in stacking.
Carico VEGE: With basic characteristics of Carico S, body with mesh lid is ideal for storing root vegetables in the kitchen.
Carico RISO: Storage case with a first in first out feature with built in middle divider. The biggest advantage is that it ensures to use oldest items first by using first in first out storage method, specially suitable for storing rice and pet foods.
We adopt nesting structure in this series, reducing transport energy and spaces for inventory.
The result of more than 30,000 pieces of sales in three months after the release shows evidence that consumers are satisfied with our concept of the products.

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