BERGLUFT always believes that every breath should not be disregardful. On the road of research and development, BERGLUFT never stops, and will always protect the health of everyone in the cities by providing the clean and fresh air.
It has the following characteristics;
1.German design and perfect combination of health and comfort.
(1)It adopts the German design of industrial grade DC all metal motor, and it is surging.
(2)It uses a German medical filter technology, with a filtration effect of up to 99.95%,which filtering most of the bacteria and viruses in the air.
(3)The positive pressure obstruct the outdoor air and provides the fresh air of up to 176 cubic meters per hour.
(4)The effect of outdoor cold air in winter is improved by electric auxiliary preheating technology.
2.App wireless interconnected service.
t can be real-time wireless remote control, you can easily order replacement filter, automatic tracking key component data, and enjoy the Internet reservation maintenance service.
3.IOT wireless physical couplet with Amazong ECho
It can seamlessly connect the Amazon AmaZOng ECh platform, add devices to the wireless devices, and quickly build your smart home.

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