Practical Lifestyle: LIVING Label Range Ever since Stan Avery has invented the self-adhesive label at the beginning of the last century, its image as a practical, but also very sober everyday product has not changed. Avery Zweckform is now trying to give the „label“ a new, modern identification: a sophisticated lifestyle product for decorating your home, household and garden – without neglecting its function as an efficient organisation support. The new LIVING label range includes 41 products with a smart, modern design to use in the kitchen, living- and kids room, and outside in the garden and workshop. No other manufacturer offers such an extensive and comparable range. Next to well established products the user will also find new and fresh ideas like self-laminating labels or non-iron textile labels for clothing. Already within the first year the range has received two renowned awards: Der Verband der PBS-Markenindustrie, the German association for office and stationary supplies, voted the LIVING range the „Product of the year 2015“ on the basis of its easy handling and the fresh design. Additionally, LIVING has received the German Design Award 2016 for the category „Household“.

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