It is used to obtain healthy and delicious drinking water. Reverse osmosis water treatment systems take up a lot of space under the sink because of storage tank that is outside of the devices. So they don’t seem elegant. But our device is more space-saving according to its peers. Because the water storage tank is put into our product. It has five filtration stages. . In these devices filter changes and Access to filters are too difficult. But in our device access to filter is very easy thanks to its removable cover and filter change can be made in seconds thanks to its special design. In peers filter material is mounted to the stable filter housings in the device so hands of worker or technical services touch to the filter material on the product line or technical service. Our filters are more hygienic according to its peers. Because filter materials are produced with their housings so filters are mounted to the device and changed without hand touching. There can be water leakages in reverse osmosis devices. In the case of water leakage, our product closes the water inlet and prevents flood. Our device has ventilation holes in order to prevent formation of molds.

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