Atmotube is a portable air pollution monitor that detects a wide range of Volatile Organic Compounds and measures Temperature and Humidity. Its uniform handcrafted titanium body and soft plastics create simple yet functional design language to visualize both brand name and object function. Because Atmotube is a portable device, it was designed specifically to fit the human hand. Softly polished feel was chosen to create an emotional, rather than just a visual connection between the user and the object. The timeless look of Atmotube was purposely chosen to place it between classic and contemporary, so it would have the freedom to be judged by its look and feel both within and beyond trends and fashion. Its titanium body will unveil its beauty through time by aging gracefully on a man’s key ring or in a woman’s purse, becoming more and more personalized with each scratch in much the same way as the watch you inherit from your father.

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