In nature, rain provides pleasant and fresh air. Rain simply washes contaminants out of the air! The airvenue® air freshener utilizes the same principle. Contaminated air is sucked in; dust suspended particles and dirt are bound to the water and the cleaned air re-emerges!

The operation of the airvenue® air freshener is child´s play. Simply fill the glass container with sufficient water, put the operating unit on top and it automatically cleans your room air.

The LED illumination provides a harmonious changing flow of different hues. But it´s also easy to set your favorite color!

The airvenue® has a night-time-mode.
In this mode, your airvenue® runs at the lowest speed (whisper mode) and the display and the colour LEDs switch off automatically after approx. 5 seconds.

Furthermore, the airvenue® has a timer.

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