This is a range of water heater. The Design is minimal ,clean & aesthetically appealing. The unique innovative feature of the product is the “Visual Indication of the Temperature through defused color changing LED Light ring on the front panel”, which changes it’s color from Blue to Red with intermediate colors of spectrum according to the temperature. There is a digital display of the temperature on the front panel and can be set & changed by the touch panel provided on the front panel with a remote.
The color changing LED that indicates the temperature of water in the water heater tank is the first of its kind. The service cover of the product is magnetically attached to accommodate the temperature indicative LED strip.This product is a good blend of the design, technology & user experience.
The product aesthetically blends into almost any bathroom & available in different sizes: 10LR, 15LR & 25 LR and also available in manual temperature changing version .

Visual Indication of the temperature through colors has made this product more user-friendly , and energy saving.

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