TranSteamer YG-ZE1W designs an ironing table in three types of angle:Vertical angle, fast ironing and pressing; Angle of 30° realizes inclined ironing function without bending;Cloth can also be fixed on the accessories of coat hanger, which is convenient to realize flat ironing against shirt, pants and other clothes.Supply strong steam through micro-pressure steam technology to iron woolen and other heavy clothes.Ironing head is well-designed in usage experience; the size and shape of heating plate take flat ironing and hanging ironing in account.Front protuberance of heating plate and steam hole can realize better ironing to the place around the buttons of shirt which is difficult to iron.Patented off-hand sensing technology is applicable for handle of ironing head which can intelligently judge whether the ironing head is utilized, with more convenient utilization.In general, it is easy to produce scale deposit for heated pot of vertical iron, and it is difficult to clean it, with short service life.TranSteamer YG-ZE1W provides one-key cleaning function which is convenient to remove scale deposit and greatly extends the service life.

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