Azur Performer Plus has been designed to deliver the best experience for a steam iron. One of the key design elements is the easy decalc interface that has been prominently placed in the back of the iron to be easy to access and operate. T-ionicGlide is Philips’ best gliding soleplate. Delivering over 25 % better gliding then its predecessor it gives ironers around the world a whole new experience. Tested and recognized by independent institutes like DWI, it glides straight out of the box onto your ironing board.
A common color-code (amber) highlights all the touchpoints on the product related to calc management, so that the process becomes clearer for the user, to help maximize product life. All key interaction elements have been carefully designed to deliver superior quality perception (soft feel, tight tolerances, etc.) and the UI builds on that of the PC Azur, thus delivering consistency across the range.

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