Windows or other smooth surfaces can be effortlessly cleaned with the window vac kit WV 2 Plus without any streaks. The kit consists of a spray bottle with a wiper and the battery-operated window vac WV 2, with which the dirt and the applied detergent solution can be vacuumed up.

The WV 2 is lighter than its predecessor WV 50 / WV 75 and sits in the hand in a more balanced way. The reduced height makes it easier to vacuum the lower sec-tions of the windows, without hitting the window sill. The on/off switch is now on the outside of the handle, where it can conveniently be operated by the thumb. The tank can easily be removed, due to the additional handle ridges. Air vents on the casing have been dispensed with for a calmer overall appearance. The design of the spray bottle has also been changed. It now rests better in the hand and does not tip over when you put it down.

A refined extension kit is offered as an accessory, consisting of two rods – the win-dow vac is attached to one rod and the microfibre pad to the other. This makes the cleaning of tall or high windows easier. It is also safer, as the user can work standing comfortably on the ground.

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