The Vileda Steam mop with variable steam setting keeps floors and carpets hygienically clean in an environmentally friendly way without the use of chemicals. The steam kills up to 99.9 percent of all bacteria, which benefits not only your own four walls but also the environment. Perfect hygiene is highly recommended particularly for people with an allergy to house dust or for households with small children. The steam cleaner mop from Vileda Steam fulfils this requirement even on problematic floors. The soft microfibre pad and the individually variable steam intensity make it possible to clean laminate as well as sealed parquet flooring. With the special carpet glider accessory, not just carpets but even upholstered furniture can be freshened up without any difficulty.

A steam cleaner with an attractive design and a triangular base

The design of the steam mop is simple and streamlined, with its triangular head making it easy to reach and clean corners. Despite its long, user-friendly handle – which even a novice user can easily put together before using the Vileda steam mop for the first time – Vileda Steam can stand upright without any support. This is a practical feature when filling the water tank and changing the plug socket.

Hygienic floor cleaning and extreme ease of use

The Vileda steam mop from Vileda cleans thoroughly and hygienically and is exceptionally easy to use. All those who have already personally experienced using a steam cleaner in their home will be won over by this product. First, the 0.5-litre tank is filled with tap water. (If your tap water contains a lot of lime, you should use distilled water in order to prevent having to descale the appliance at frequent intervals.) Then the appliance is plugged in. The steam setting is selected and, after just 15 seconds, the mop is ready for use. One full tank is enough to clean up to 130 square metres of flooring.

Vileda Steam – a steam mop that meets all requirements

Whether for a roomy family home or a one-person apartment, the steam cleaner from Vileda meets everybody’s needs. The six-metre long cable allows you to clean large rooms without having to interrupt the cleaning process several times to search for a new plug socket. And because the award-winning steam cleaner really does only emit steam and not water, the clean floors dry quickly and can be walked on again quickly. Cleaning doesn’t get any simpler, more effective and environmentally friendly.

Product features

  • Removes 99% of all bacteria
  • Environmentally friendly, as no chemical cleaning agents are needed
  • Individually variable steam setting, stepless adjustment
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • One full tank is enough for up to 130 m²
  • Long cable (6 m)
  • Easy cleaning of corners thanks to triangular base
  • Microfibre pad guarantees streak-free cleaning
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