UNO is the innovative socket brush of SAUBA which significantly facilitates cleaning of SCHUKO sockets that are installed in over 30 countries worldwide. Before SAUBA launched UNO in 2014, cleaning sockets was rather difficult – most sockets were left dirty and dusty. Our modern life requires electrical energy like humans need air to breathe. Power outlets as ubiquitous access to electrical energy thus deserve to be cleaned and deserve a dedicated cleaning device. UNO follows a clear and minimalist design language. Standing perfectly straight on its bristle head, UNO draws the silhouette of a child’s hand-painted rocket. Following the human physique, handle and head are connected through a narrow throat with proportions of handle and head following the golden ratio. The bristle head with a volume of only about 15cm³ wears 73 bundles of bristles in seven rows of steepening angles. The brush head with a diameter of 42mm can be accurately inserted into the socket cup and by oscillating rotary movements dust and dirt are removed in a blink of an eye.

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