This series are unique brooms and dustpans you do not need to hide anymore.
Usually, brooms and dustpans were something shoved into closets or small storage spaces where it could not be seen.
Brooms were especially difficult to put away, and would easily deteriorate if it were to stand against the wall for a long period of time.
This Standing Broom solved these problems by its’ unique structure of stowing the brush of the broom. The Standing Dustpan also made it possible to float the brush when stowed, helping to protect the brush from deterioration.
Also, people are able to use the broom in different situations by just controlling the slide. For example, control the slide to broom position when wide range sweeping and slide to brush position when narrow range sweeping.
Due to its’ neat appearance, this series has contributed to sweeping off the negative image of hiding brooms and dustpans.
Both items are stowed standing, and could be easily taken out when usage.
It is highly cared for interior appearance and coordination, before and after use.

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