Floor cleaning is a huge challenge in Indian homes. The cleaning process involves a dusting the floor with a broom followed by wet mopping, which can often be a cumbersome and messy process. When wet mops absorb water they become heavy, making them difficult to maneuver with ease and comfort. The Scotch-Brite Twister mop makes the job of cleaning effortless due to its unique wringing mechanism and light weight cleaning media that gives an optimum spread on the floor. Wringing excess water is now easy without the need to touch cleaning media that can be wet and dirty. A pawl and ratchet mechanism that assist the user in wringing is intelligently concealed within the holder grip, only becoming active when pulled to initiate wringing. The material of the cleaning media has excellent absorption while being light weight at the same time . Its unique shape enhances wringing performance, allowing for easier replacement of the cleaning media. The ergonomic handle enables a comfortable grip to the user while mopping. Minimal number of components and sturdy detailing makes this cleaning solution both reliable and durable.

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