This product addresses the challenge of cleaning Japanese “Unit Bathrooms” – built-in structures that house the shower as well as the bath tub.
All surfaces in this room are constantly exposed to humidity and water drops and therefore require frequent cleaning.
Our product allows the user to effectively clean the large surfaces of the bath tub as well as the intricate shapes of faucets and molded-in shelves.
The cut-away on the back of the product creates a handle shape which gives good control, even for smaller hands, while the large surface on the front side enables efficient cleaning of larger surfaces.

Wrapped in 3M’s microfibre netting, this product has a superior ability to lift off stains without scratching intricate surfaces.
The “dimple” – a stiching through the center of the sponge – serves as a hinge. This allows for the flat part of the sponge to move into narrow spaces and avoids having to use a second, smaller tool for the cleaning process.

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