The new Power Corner Broom brings a fresh new look to a dated broom category. It is multi-surface friendly and cleans everything from various household interior floors to cement garages. Since its launch, Power Corner Broom sales have increased by over 25%! The following new features to the Power Corner Broom have helped drive it’s success:

• New shark fin design provides a large surface for O-Cedar branding while also being used as an anti-rotation feature when placed on the retail shelf
• Dual Bristle Technology and an Extra-Wide head provides more sweeping power for cleaner floors with less effort!
• Flare-Tip™ technology at end of bristles to capture fine dust and hair
• Curved bottom profile of the block was calculated to allow manufacturing to use two fiber colors in any configuration.
• Firm Black Bristles effectively pull dirt from corners while semi-soft Grey Bristles capture and move dirt completely, so you don’t have to double sweep the floor.
• Eco-friendly bristles made from 80% recycled plastic and a broom head made from 50% recycled plastic

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