PiPPER STANDARD Laundry Detergents are manufactured from fermented pineapples. “Pineapple Power” cleans as effectively as chemical products, without any toxins. Our laundry detergent produces less foam and is easy to rinse-off. Scents come only from essential oils and are not overpowering. Our products are suitable for all skin types, including infants and those with sensitive skin or allergies. Additional Qualifications : – Hypo-Allergenic Certified – Free of Known Allergens – Fights tough stains, rinses off easily, less foam – Effectively removes bad odors – Gentle for all fabric types – Eco-friendly from start to finish PiPPer STANDARD ‘s Packaging is mainly designed by using seven principles of the universal design consisting of equitable use, flexibility in use, simple and intuitive, perceptible information, tolerance for error, low physical effort and size & space for approach & use. Moreover 3 levels measuring lid can be helped consumers to use convenient and protect liquid which will be spilled on consumers’ hand. With compact size, it can be placed anywhere in homes and used as home decorative.

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