Persil Duo-Caps is a powerful liquid detergent in an innovative application form: Wrapped by a 100% water-soluble and biodegradable film the two compartments contain dedicated formulas for a perfect washing result in one product: a high-performing brightness formula and an active stain remover. The separated compartments ensure that important ingredients such as enzymes remain protected and stable until the dissolution of the film. Only in the washing machine – upon contact with water – the two formulas are mixed so that they can deliver the best performance. The pre-dosed Duo-Caps are particularly easy to handle since they are placed directly in the drum and always ensure the right dosage. Persil Duo-Caps also contribute to sustainability by reducing water consumption thanks to the highly concentrated formula and using less plastic compared to traditional plastic bottles. The design of Persil Duo-Caps, optimized with the relaunch in 2015, was developed on the basis of an ideal volume ratio for the two formulas. The dynamic design of the interlaced compartments ensures that the product has an intrinsic stability and is experienced as a well-defined shape with a pleasant feel.

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