Hoo3C is designed specific to maternal and child families from two perspectives: one is how to facilitate multiple children clothes airing and meet rapid demand at the first opportunity; the other is how to keep soft and clean in the meanwhile.
Firstly add horizontal bars and multiple hooks of both clamping and hanging between two main poles, facilitating tiled drying and airing;
Integrate ultraviolet sterilization, infrared heating drying, ultrathin LED lighting together.
Free adjustment between 1.2-1.5m lifting distance is allowed, and once impediment perceived the lifting intelligently stops.
Swirl-shape infrared heating drying blows out hot air smoothly with two thermal drying options 60°C&70°C in 2-hour auto off mode;
Fine titanium-and-magnesium alloy, automobile baking varnish, one-shot injection molded arc panel, national standard 304 stainless steel, etc. escort product quality.
Ecological Compatibility:
All materials applied are non-toxic and chemical-free; waterborne coatings adopted to ensure pollution-free; electric drive costs merely 1 kilowatt-hour averagely one year; no power consumption on standby.

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