G2 single bucket rotating mop realizes the multi-functional design as “one bucket for double purposes”, “one pole for double purposes”, “one head with multi-cloth”, etc.;Single bucket integrated rinsing and spin-dry, which turns traditional double buckets into single bucket, reduces water consumption by 30%, saves space and material at the same time; One pole is equipped with square, round mop, which initiates square mop washing, spin-dry, and greatly facilitates users;Turbo type washing, countercurrent hedging spin-dry, making the mop head cleaner and drier, and preventing sewage splashing and overflowing;The mop head adopts the combination of 3D duster, micro-fiber cloth, micro fiber, etc., in three-point damping folded structure, which can be converted flexibly to deal with different stains in different environments; G2 overall appearance covered design hides the used mop and realizes the upright placing of mop.

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