With the launch of the FC 5 floor cleaner, Kärcher is introducing a completely new type of device which can perform two different tasks: It picks up moist and dry dirt and vacuums it off at the same time. This means the tiresome step of vacuuming before wiping is no longer necessary, and wiping is even easier and more thorough than ever before.

The FC 5, with its unique functions, cleans hard floors such as tiles, parquet or plastic with two rotating microfibre rollers. These are continuously dampened with fresh water and detergent. The dirt is vacuumed off the top of the roller. The floor dries quickly and can be walked on again in less than two minutes due to the extremely small quantity of residual moisture.

Uncomplicated, largely intuitive operation is the cornerstone of product design at Kärcher. The on/off switch is located on the ergonomic handle. The tanks for fresh water and waste water are easy to access. To change the washing rollers, simply turn to release them.

The device’s slim design is highlighted by a vertical aluminium profile, with a shape extending from above the fresh water tank down to the cleaning head.

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