Tried and tested technology in a new design!

With its convincing power, comfortable equipment and very compact dimensions, the new Kränzle bully sets standards in the upper professional class.

Its compact size is characterised decisively by a sophisticated chasses construction of only two rotation moulded parts. The Motor and pump, which have already proven their worth in other product series and are used here as well, are well protected in the frame, mostly safe from any external effects. The gentle curves at
the spar and front handle ensure comfortable handling.

High service compatibility during maintenance is warranted. The easy removal of the upper rotation moulded part, which is only attached with four screws, makes the motor and pumps accessible quickly.

The new Kränzle bully is the outstanding solution for cleaning in agriculture, industry and crafts, as well as in many other industries where performance and reliability are needed in combination with small sizes.

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