We have always desired to adjust the air by ourselves. This is how humidifier came into being many years ago. It exists as a tool only, but few may care about its mental effect. This is a design inspired by “air”. Now, we are possibly experiencing great stress from life, usually under fickleness and anxiety. Therefore, it turns out very important to have a mental rest and adjustment. We have tried to alter a hurry state like “boiling water” created by conventional humidifiers. We hope that people may enjoy life at a “slow” pace, just like the water vapor drifting slowly in the air. The aroma diffuser humidifier is right designed for this purpose. It looks as simple and cozy as a stone. And the green leaves over the top are elegant and lovely, suitable for both office and household environment. The unique design of concave shape enables the water vapor to firstly gather together and then spread over the air, creating a stable, free and comfortable atmosphere. It helps relax and relieve. This is what “ZEN” brings to you.

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