Witech Indoor Climatel Intelligent Control System included control panel,thermostat,
air quality sensor and Sub-water catcher. It is the first intelligent control system developed for the household three-constant system. The intelligent control system makes the system stable, safe and economical, and effectively improves the customer experience and reduces the operating cost.The system client is beautiful and generous, the human-computer interaction is simple and friendly, easy to use.The system has self-learning function, which can realize the intelligent operation of the Witech Indoor Climatel Control System.

System real-time monitoring indoor air quality, temperature and humidity. If the air quality is poor and the temperature and humidity are not set, the control system will automatically optimize the indoor air quality and adjust the temperature and humidity to the setting range.System can real-time monitoring of equipment, can effectively monitor equipment operation, equipment anomalies can take the initiative to report to the cloud, we can according to the abnormal information take the initiative to provide service for the customer.

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