VOLCANO air heaters are state-of-the-art devices combining innovative technical solutions with modern industrial design.

The precisely made light shape of the casing recalls the beauty and perfect simplicity of a diamond. The character of the device is emphasised by the composition of the selected materials and dynamically formed slats.
The type range of the devices includes four heater versions, destratificator option and options with a single-row exchanger (VR1), double-row exchanger (VR Mini, VR2) and triple-row exchanger (VR3), enabling the achievement of power ranging up to 75 kW. All exchangers of the devices are tested in helium chambers to ensure 100% leak-tightness.
In response to customer expectations, VOLCANO air heaters are equipped with efficient, three-speed AC motors and energy-efficient EC motors with stepless speed control.
Each VOLCANO heater is provided with a 5-year warranty for the device and a lifetime warranty for the casing – the longest such warranty on the market.

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