VentiFresh is an air purifier that eliminates odors for small storage spaces. It’s optimized to work with any closed space which is sized up to 40L of air volume. The front cover serves as the air inflow vent, designed with a geometrical triangle vector that moderates air flow speed allowing gas but not dust to enter the air circulation compartment. This compact unit contains a UV photocatalyst core that breaks up volatile odor compounds pressured into the compartment by a dust-resistant, low-noise motor fan. This technology reverses the chemical process similar to plants’ photosynthesis to decompose odor molecules, thus there is no filter to be replaced and no refills. It’s portable and is powered by a DC5V adaptor or power bank, consuming only 3W of power. VentiFresh is controlled by a smart light sensor that activates the functions in the darkness, and suspends the process when detecting light. Users may attach the product to any metal surface with a build-in magnet, and an extra Mag Dot is provided to sandwich nonmetal lids or covers.

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