The mode of operation of the new Venta, the inventor of the airwasher, is based on the principle of natural cold evaporation. The air passes through the rotating disc stacks into the water and thus becomes humidified & purified simultaneously. Thanks to the new patented 3-dimensional evaporator discs with integrated hygienic disc, the periodic UVC lighting to ensure the highest possible water hygiene, the high-quality, energy-efficient and extremely quiet fan, the LW62T offers a unique performance for indoor air improvement in rooms up to 250m². During the product design development it was carefully taken care, to keep up the unique, unmistakable, timeless and globally successful Venta appearance with its lattice structure, so that also this airwasher harmoniously and unobtrusively fits into every room concept. The new interactive & swiveling touchscreen ensures the simple and safe operation. The accompanying remote control makes the operation even more flexible and through its integrated WLAN module, the LW62T can be controlled via Venta APP even from mobile terminals and desktops from almost anywhere in the world.

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