Solar connection cables from roof-mounted and in-roof systems must be passed through the roof covering and the roof structure in a rainproof manner.
With the new Venduct® Duo Solar Thermal Outlet Kit it is now possible to quickly and easily pass two cables through the roof at one (!) point only. The set can be used for twin cables with a diameter of 10 to 55 mm.
In combination with the flexible EPDM sealing collar the rain- and windproof lead-through of the cables is ensured.
The housing of the Venduct® Duo Solar Thermal Outlet Kit is continuously rotatable, thus the installation direction of the pipes can be freely selected.
The additional rubber seal allows the lead-through of a cable up to max. Ø 6 mm (i.e. sensor cable) .
The Venduct® Duo Solar Thermal Outlet Kit is pre-assembled and can be installed by using a few tools only. Moreover, the clip-on-system allows a simple, regulation-compliant installation of solar twin pipes.
Different versions of the base tiles may be tailored to different roofing materials. Thus, the product is suitable for almost all common clay bricks and roof tiles as well as for slate, plain roofing tiles, fibre cement panels and bitumen shingles.

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