Vari Pro is an intelligent thermostat which indicates current temperature, desired temperature, estimated time to achieve it and current activity at one glimpse. But it goes beyond. What makes it intelligent is communication between HVACs installed in room and building automation. The communication between devices streamlines maintenance. We created an intuitive interface with a large led circle, a screen area and capacitive buttons. The led circle is a design detail and an informative object which indicates about cooling and heating. Capacitive buttons supported the sleek design, prompted sensitive feel and were easy to use. Buttons were also designed to navigate menu in set up. Overall design was created contemporary and slim. We wanted to squeeze components in as small space as possible. Installation was made easy with keeping the thermostat housing only in two frame parts, using one RJ9 connector to wire it up. Start up Wizard was created to help installers for quick comissioning. Room controller configures itself when you first time power it up.

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