Air pollution has become a hot issue in all big cities in the world. Dwellings are becoming more airtight aiming to reduce energy consumption. Consequently, the lack of air renewal is responsible for major public health concerns. All new and old dwellings need an efficient ventilation system. The Urban VMI® is an innovative supply only ventilation system that brings filtered and temperature controlled air into your home while pushing all the stale air out. It was specifically imagined for apartments that have no technical area to hide machines in. It was jointly designed and developed by GI&Co and Ventilairsec by using the UX design approach to facilitate both the installation and the integration into a decorated home due to its simplicity, compacity, style and its silent mechanism. The compact housing integrates an efficient filter, a heating system, a fan and a patented electronic controller and reduces noise and vibration to minimum. The fastening system is also used as a hanging pattern by installers. An accessible patented drawer mechanism makes the user safe and confident when changing filters. Urban provides homes with fresh and clean air for healthy and comfortable living.

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