The ultrasonic humidifier U300 combines air humidification with the simultaneous release of fragrances into the indoor air. Water is converted into micro-fine mist by means of the ultrasonic system and this mist is subsequently released into the indoor air through an outlet nozzle. Flavor oils can conveniently be released into the indoor air from the removable fragrance container at the back of the unit. The device is switched on and is continuously adjustable with the flat dial integrated in the bottom. The corona ring around the flat dial indicates the status of the device as well as the presence of water. Once the unit is empty, the light of the corona ring changes into red. When designing the unit, special emphasis was placed on the simple and intuitive handling. By opening the lid of the cover the humidifier can be filled conveniently from above using a pitcher or water can. An indication on the lid lets the user know when the maximum water level has been reached. The puristic design of the unit as well as the clear lines emphasizes the ease of operation. The transparent window follows this style and provides the user with the required view of the water level.

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