This product is the most efficient Air-Purifier usable at space of 60 square meters.
We fulfill minimalism design by changing to soft rounding design from inefficient space use and formative fatigue which the existing box type design of air purifier has. Therefore, TOWER XQ600 looks like a small interior property on somewhere of house and it can be efficiently arranged in small room because of its vertical design.
We applied round hall on front and back inlet and it became as a formative part which has a patterned design point by itself.
Display window on the upper front of unit shows the condition of room air and unit through number and graphic. Users can scientifically utilize it since users can check the information like PM2.5. Furthermore, TOWER XQ600 emphasizes a simple formative beauty due to set ‘hidden function’ of display window when it turns off.
TOWER XQ600 is designed for more sanitary use of unit since internally installed UV LED sterilizes air flow way or fan in real time. Users can sterilize filter by themselves by using UV sterilization function button.

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